100 Righteous Heaven Rule \ 天道正法


1. when you saw old people/ someone fall, you must go and help him
2. when your friend need help from you, help him depend on your
3.when your friend talk bad about someone, do not follow him
4.when someone is not right, do not disturb them
5.if you are rich, donate some money to help other poorer people
6. if you have a problem, consult your friend or anyone who can help you
7. Heaven is a place that is faultless and clean, do not misuse heaven
8. You are not allowed to misuse heaven
9. Heaven is a clean place
10.Pray to heaven for protection
11.Do not pray to dead souls because it drowns you
12.If your friend is hungry, feed her (depend on your own capability)
13.When you cross the road, look after yourself and people who cross the road
14.helping others may help yourself
15.Be a good neighbour
16.Pray to heaven for goodness and make wishes
17.When you saw a boy cried, calm him down
18.If you saw someone reading, do not disturb him
19.when you have a problem, speak to a friend or consult someone for his advice
20.If you owe money to someone, go and find a job that can cover your debt
21.Be holly always
22.If your children behave badly, do not punish them but teach them
23.If your parents are bad to you, treat them better, do not runaway
24.If you want to give up something, think twice
25.Respect everyone
26.Do not listen to the bad, but multiply all good
27.Do good is heaven's wish
28.Do not argue over something small
29. Repent your sin every time you feel bad
30. Do not do things unto others that you would not do it unto yourself
31. Speak the good things on others, do not gossip but complement them
32. Do not follow other people bad habits
33. Think twice before you speak
34. Read in silent
35. Becareful when you are using other people property because it can cost you something if broken
36. Drive carefully do not use handphone when driving, never answer phone when driving
37. When raining, make sure you switch off your computer
38. Do not talk to other people, if you are not invited to talk
39. Do not be rude to other people, be humble
40. Make people happy will make self a happier person
41. Send a gift to a friend to cheer her up
42. Create more positive energy will automatically remove negativeness
43. Do not disturb other people, if he do not want to be disturbed
44. Support other people who deserve a helping hand
45. The blind people should not walk around but must accompanied by someone not blind
46. Do not snatch other people property because you will pay more
47. Nothing is free in this world, only if it is given willingly officially
48. See at the good not the bad
49. Write a book when you are free
50.Give a tip to the waiter to thank him
51.Reward your worker
52. Be thankful to people who have helped you
53. Be kind to offer your help to others
54. Open the door for other people can ease someone
55. Be responsible at work
56. Do your best at work
57. Work hard to build your future
58. Hard work pays off
59. Never share your pain but resolve them one by one
60. Make good things happen
61. Do not give trouble to other people
62. Do not let other people down if you have the capability to help
63. Do not misuse our kindness
64. Bear in mind on heaven rules
65. Heaven does not tolerate darkness or any bad is strictly prohibhited
66. Do not measure on other people
67. Silent is golden
68. Do not speak too freely
69. Do not communicate with someone if he does not allow
70. Do not intrude other people privacy
71. Do not comment on other people work if you are not invited to
72. We can suggest for something but do not criticise / comment
73. Do not sell someone property without given
74. Do not use other people property without given
75. Do not touch without given
76. Congratulate on other people achievement
77. Always keep in good health
78. An apple keeps the doctor away
79. Regular check ups may help to prevent serious illness
80. Save money today for future use
81. Money not enough, so earn more
82. Do not beg but exchange for goods
83. Nothing is free, do not expect it to be one
84. Spend wisely because everything cost
85. Invest wisely, ensure your money does multiply
86. If money does not multiply, stop what you do
87. Do not invest money when it is economically downturn because it will get worst
88. Heaven never pass away
89. Appreciate your life always
90. Every little helps
91. Do not listen to strangers, protect yourself
92. Do not simply lock other people under humanity law because you have no rights
93. The righteous people are closest to heaven
94. Speak righteous, do righteous always
95. Be better and better each time not the other way
96. Get things right
97. Do not be angry because the devil will intrude you
98. Do not practice bad habits
99. Do not over eat, over smoke or over do anything because it will hurt you
100. Do not control other people because you have no right