001 Beaches- RM20

002 Boat and Sea View-RM29

003 Cheng Ho Statue-RM30

004 Dabai Fruit-RM18

005 Fireworks -RM20

006 Fireworks2-RM10

007 Fireworks3-RM12

008 Fruits-RM20

009 King Prawn-RM30

Kuching Airport Building 010-RM9

Slippers 011-RM16

Temple 012-RM20

Vegetables 013- RM9

Wild Water Fall 014- RM50

015- Basketball Court - RM30

016- Civic Centre Front - RM30

017- Civic Centre Back- RM30

018-Unique Cement Bench - RM30

019- Unique Dustbin - RM30

020-Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (Library) - RM50

021-Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (Library) View 2 - RM50

022-Christmas Decoration -RM20

023-Chinese Festival Cake-RM50


024-Carbonarra -RM50

025- Flat White Coffee - RM10

026 - Fire Hydrant- RM10

027-Dewan Masyarakat Sungai Maong Badminton Hall -RM15

028- Holland Flower RM50

029-Petty Cash Box RM10

030-Magnifying Glass RM8


031- Antique Fan RM50

032- Bomba Fire Station RM30

033-Bridge RM35

034- Can Collector Storage RM40

035- Chicken Rice RM10

036-Hilton Hotel RM40

037- Lock Light RM50

038- Old Court House RM60

039- Padungan Cat RM40

040- Post Office Kuching RM40

041-Public Phone RM80

042-SMB St Teresa Secondary School RM100

043-St Joseph Church Bell RM80


044-Tugu Pahlawan (Hero) RM 60


045-Tugu Pahlawah (Hero) 2 RM60

046- Waterfront RM100

047- Waterfront 2 RM100

048-Waterfront Booth RM40

049- Cartoon RM20


050- Lithop RM30

051- Lithop2 RM30

052-Pachira Love Shape RM20

053-Bird Nest Fern RM20

054-Astrophytum Asterias Cactus RM20

055-Chocolate Cake RM20

056-Coffee Cup RM20

057-Kampung Durian RM20

058-Fish and Chip 1-RM20

059-Fish and Chip 2 -RM20

060-Korea Ommellet-RM20

061-Laksa 1 -RM20

062-Laksa 2 -RM20

063-Lok Lok -RM20

064- -Mango Cake- RM20

065-Pizza -RM20

066- Royal Sandwiches -RM80,000

067-Seafood Fried Rice-RM20



070-Saradise Shops 1-RM50

071-Saradise Shops 2-RM50

072-Royal Mango Tree-RM100,000

073-Pandan Leaves to make Kaya-RM50

074-Imperial Dumpling Before Cook RM100000

075-Imperial Dumpling After Cooked RM100000

076-Imperial Self Made Noodle -RM undisclosure

077-Imperial Self Made Sausage Roll-RM undisclosure

078-Imperial Soft Cooked Egg Noodle-RM undisclosure

079-Imperial Pork Balls-RM undisclosure

080-Imperial Chinese Style Home Self Cooked Dishes-RM150,000

081-Imperial British Self Cooked Roasted Chicken-RM150,000

082-Imperial Chinese British Roasted Potatos-RM undisclosure

083-Royal Home Cooked Tom Yam-RM100,000

084-Imperial Self Made Sushi with Mayonaise-RM100,000

085-Imperial Roast Chicken 2 -RM100,000

086-Imperial Rice Dumpling-RM180,000

087-OKANA Fruit after cooked look like this-RM50

088-Imperial Self Planted Durian - RM110,000

089-Imperial Self Planted Durian shown with durian seeds- RM110,000

090-Imperial Self Cooked Grill Vegetarian Dish- RM20, 000

091-Imperial Self Cooked Pork Ribs Before Cooked -Undisclosure PRICE

092-Imperial Self Cooked Pork Ribs After Cooked -Undisclosure PRICE

093-Imperial Self Made Potato and Cheese Roll-Undisclosure PRICE

091-Imperial Self Baked Potato-Undisclosure PRICE