Welcome to MIRI city of Sarawak!


First of all we visited coffee shop at 28 Food Center in Miri. It is just opposite Imperial Hotel.

This is the laksa stall, it stated Kuching Laksa, I am glad I can still eat Kuching Laksa in Miri.


This is how the laksa looks like, its honestly delicious, greatly appreciated.

If you need a taxi, please call the number above.

We had our lunch at Dynasty Restaurant in chinese it is called HUANG CHAO. The dish is Braised Pork Belly, it tasted really nice and saliva dropped.

This is the most memorable and tasty PEKING DUCK at the restaurant.

We also tasted the freshest fish dish, not too sour, just right and its 1.1kg fish.

We stay at the Imperial Hotel, this is how the room looks like

Hotel Meal- Fish and Chips