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Due to many innocent people who suffered from cheaters and blue collar criminalism, thousands to millions of properties being snatched and being forced to pay a lum sum of money

in which they cannot afford to pay them. In this case we should report the case to the police and make a police report, please do not stay silent to keep paying the scammers.

This is a case of a young lady who was cheated on the scam of property buying. She was told the property only worth of some amount but after signing the contract, she was

told to pay more because the value of the property is more. In this case, She was in trouble to find enough money to pay for the property she bought. This innocent lady was really

angry and reluctant to pay for it. By law, it should be protective to all innocents, hence I would think that any agreement signed, if there is a problem or miss agreement, the

contract shall be terminated automatically, or if one party disagreed of any doings of the other party, she has the right to terminate the contract instantly and do pay nothing.

I believe, innocent people will have the right to protect themselves from being cheated, scammed or robbed.



If you are being bullied at school or at any work place, do not keep silent to yourself, go and report to the police direct. At least the police officer is aware of your situation and

you may seek help from the police to stop all bullish behaviour.



If you are disturbed spiritually, please also report to the police officer, do not be shy or in case someone will call you a mental health person. No one shall be able to call someone a mental health person if he / she did not commit that they themselves have mental health problems. You could be sued or even jailed for calling someone mental health. Due to that some high spiritual people has the power from heaven either from his birth rights or through some assasination assignment, hence the innocent people are suffered from such torture towards his life. So, who can control all these high spiritual people? How can we take action against them? Law could be in place to warn for those people who have high spiritual power to do all righteous things only which create non trouble to other people. Making a police report so that the police will have a record over what has happened to you spiritually. Constantly monitoring the happens.



We are not allowed to handcuff someone spiritually or physically without proper warrant. You could be in jailed or sued to pay for a compensation. Sometimes, you may find the warrant is faked and they are photoshop edited warrant. Just be careful. If someone who has done this without your permission, that is an act of kidnapping.



You cannot sell someone to other people, there is a case of someone sold somebody for an amount of money without letting that someone knows. So, she is secretly sold to other

people. In that case, you should unsold yourself first and report to the police officer for such incident. Law has already protect all from human trafficking, but they still sell people

even spiritually. I should say to stop this we need to unsold all first automatically so that none of these can be sold. There must be a law to protect people from these stubborn human