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360 degree view of Poh Kwong Park

The above design idea is no longer for auction.

This idea is no longer for auction.

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HOUSE FOR SALE. Interested buyer please contact Sheila on 0162938106 or email to



I.P.H Roasted Cafe 怡保燒臘 at Sekama

We have tried their duck rice, roasted pork and mani cai stir fry, tasty dishes with specialty pork curry and their excellent service with more than 10 workers, more special with free soups self service.

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Interested to buy this property please contact Sheila on +60162938106

This showcase promotion bag is for auction. Interested please call/ watsap your offer to +60162938106.

It is a showcase bag designed by Royallis Ellis to display any leaflet and promotion info on the bag. The leaflet placed on the showcase bag is changeable, that makes it unique.



This car design is for auction. Interested please watsap your offer to be considered on +60162938106

This is a car design with front body which looks like a plane, mid body a cabriolet and sport back with diamond cutting design. The roof of the car can be opened and slip underneath like a cabriolet which content luxury interior.

The car tyre area is built in with auto tyre lockable with a drop down square shield to prevent from theft. This car is designed to have a two doors with four seaters.



Orang Ulu specialty Pansuh Pork and Rice



This art of Regent Street is for auction. Interested please call / watsap to 0162938106.


Welcome all to taste Nuromen (Beef Noodle), Beef are imported and really fresh. All deliveries are free of charge please call Winston 0135755933 to order. Visit them at Plaza Merdeka today!!

Most recommended BBQ Chicken Cup! Really tasty sweet marinated chicken.

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One Word "Delicious"! Must Try! Address: Lorong Simen Raya 1, Pending Industrial Estate, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak Tel: 0198788686



World Cafe (Chicken Rice Specialty) /New Eastern /Imperial Hotel & Restaurant /Richmond /Zanmai Sushi /KTS Garden Restaurant /Lok Thian Restaurant /Hilton Hotel Christmas Eve Buffet /IzaKaya/Minoru Japanese Restaurant /Nando /Xing Xing Food Court /The Best Corner /Hong Kong Noodle Restaurant / Jelly Beancurd /Kuching Siew Pau (Freshly Made) / Noodle Descendents / Mui Chin Cafe /Very Nice Restaurant /Siang Siang Corner (Stew Soup) /Fresh Egg Tarts at Green Road /Heritage Restaurant / Sakae Sushi /Oinks /Pisang Road West Best Gu Bak Mee /Kueh Tew / Chen Yuan /Hap Chen Hian Satay House Restaurant /1Green Road -At Night Chicken Rice / Salad Chicken Rice Cafe at Pending

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