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All foreign workers from Indonesia, Philipino, Bangladesh or India can now shop at home. Buy own laptop, flowers, books etc.



For those who are looking for foreign workers from Indonesia for the following:

Contruction workers/ Factories workers/ Services/ House Maids

please watsapp 0168598106 or email your criteria to sthiam8899@gmail.com

We will find the workers for you.

Work permit must be provided.



Look for job in Malaysia? please email your details to sthiam8899@gmail.com


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TML Kuching Branch | Address: No.8 Lorong Ban Hock 93000 Kuching, Sarawak. | Tel: 082-231315 or 0137259771

IDR 3416


23 Tips Before You Go To Study At Oversea (in the UK)


  1. Bring winter clothing
  2. Socks for winter (sleeping and outdoor)
  3. Winter Shoes
  4. Mi Sedap instant noodles (all flavors)
  5. 3 in 1 Coffee or Tea, because you can't find it in the UK, it saves student's time.
  6. A warmer (for outdoor / sleeping)
  7. Chicken Stocks for making soup or cooking vegetables for your housemates
  8. Boxes of Bak Kut Teh (It can help you very much when you are busy with your study later)
  9. 1 set of pyjamas
  10. some laksa paste if you can't leave without laksa. There are instant laksa also.
  11. tees shirts with the Sarawak Hornbill (don't forget to wear them when the central heating is on)
  12. wear some bermudas during summer
  13. 1 pair of sport shoes
  14. 1 laptop because it is cheaper to buy in Malaysia, plus you have got installed all the necessary software and tutorials for your study needs later, or external storage (hard disk)
  15. Remember to buy some aroma products to destress yourself (including some "pao jiao")
  16. 1 alarm clock to wake yourself up every morning
  17. 1 web camera with mic to connect with your friends and family in Malaysia / worldwide
  18. Bring some cash in GBP along with you, incase you need to catch a cab to your university from the coach station / rail station or grab some snacks or sandwiches
  19. 1 bath towel
  20. 2-3 pairs of jeans
  21. 1 digital camera to take all the nice pictures during your academic year
  22. Bring your wallet that contains master card (or any cards with maestro), identity card and driving licence (in case you need to rent a car to travel in the UK)
  23. 1 benie hat (protect your head from the wind)